Luke Ferrand


A work in progress

With every illustration comes learnings in style and process. I have experimented a lot lately with styles, some very different to my usual, and been on bit of a journey with it all. My most recent illustration is closer to my signature style with a bit more of a hand drawn approach, I guess it makes me question what is more important for illustrators: being able to turn your hand at anything or having a signature style. 

See you on the otherside

This year I have been involved with a collaborative effort with Sunhouse to take on the 36 days of type project, with the intention to stick to a strict colour palette. This was my first letter. Check out the project over on Instagram...


Introducing Chubby...

Chubby the Cake came into being after I was invited to design a card for West of England Design Forum. I love a pun, and Chubby is my pun outlet. I've got a series of pun-based greetings cards in the making all based around this chubster.